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Chef, what would you like today?
小吃 午餐
Do not eat Meng yam, do not eat, pry open mouth. Do not eat yam reason is very wonderful. At the beginning of the complementary, adorable grandfather is a yam feel good stuff, even to eat adorable20Day, then Meng will no longer eat yam. Disposable eat wounded, say it is tears, yam is very nourishing ah, when mom in the spirit of not afraid of trouble, the Chinese yam to the whole face...(Open)
Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:1Hours above


200g 4~5G
10g 5g
A 20g

You haven't eaten steamed yam practice steps

1. Purple sweet potato flour, flour yeast powder, wonderful,10Grams of sugar a little mixed.

2. Add water and knead until two point five times the size of the fermentation. The fermentation time can be used to deal with.

3. Tiegun yam peeled off, steamed.

4. Take advantage of heat and stir in sugar.

5. Sticky mud with a spoon

6. Rub into the same large group standby.

7. At this point, the dough has been made, and many of the cellular tissue torn.

8. Into the exhaust kneading board.

9. Open0Pores areOKThe.

10. Rub strip.

11. Shear extrusion.

12. A flat, thin roll. Adorable mother roll skin is not brought up in a complete mess, the.

13. Wrap a yam in, a good pinch.

14. Shut down.

15. Into the steamer, proofing10Minutes or so. Fire, SAIC15Minutes off the fire, the fire will not immediately after closing a lid, stew5Minute, or easy to collapse the steamed stuffed bun.


In fact, with fresh purple sweet potato dumplings finished will be more beautiful, but it's too hot today, Hunan has continuouslyNDay35Degrees above the high temperature, it really do not want to go out to buy, with purple potato powder instead of.