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Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary)


The practice steps of yogurt red bean popsicle

1. Ready popsicles model(Supermarkets have sold, some good cute, huh, huh......)
2,Red beans cooked red bean soup, add rock sugar into standby
3,Prepare two boxes of yogurt, milk can also be based on personal taste
4,The model is clean, then rinse with warm boiling water drain
5,Use a small spoon to pour into the model.(Can according to personal taste, I am a red bean put more, less milk)
6,Into the yogurt, note that not too full, or cover the lid will overflow. I did six just a template, put in the refrigerator freezer one night, just take out the taste is good, oh, the whole eat it!

2. To put a few minutes before the room temperature can release Oh, in fact, you can do a variety of fruit yogurt taste, this is my first attempt, I feel pretty good! The next time you do remember to share with you ~ ~ ~ ~