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Pastry staple

Xinghua shrimp Rice noodles practice

1.Beaten eggs into the hot oil in the pot fry Sheng out, shrimp into the hot water blanching discoloration can be picked up, pork with salt, cooking wine and cornstarch, pickled moment stand-by

2.Directly into the boiling water in the hot water3-5Picked up the spare minutes

3.The pot into the oil into the shredded meat fry color

Xinghua shrimp Rice noodlesdc.jpg

4.Add all the materials stir fry tasty, pour in the fish sauce, put a little chicken

5.The rice noodles into the use of chopsticks continue to stir evenly can be filled out (this process to be quick, so that the taste of rice noodles is good, dance is due to the edge fried, so time delay

Xinghua shrimp Rice noodlesES.jpg

Xinghua shrimp Rice noodlesSG.jpg

Xinghua shrimp Rice noodlesXW.jpg

Cooking skills

1Rice, rice, not hot too long, a few minutes, or else will be easy to paste.

2Try to use chopsticks, stir fried, or such easy tasty, not easy to stick together.

3, the process must be fast fried.