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馄饨 午餐


Ban Jin A

The practice steps of beef and onion stuffing dumplings

1. Beef put an egg, add clear water.

2. First onion shred, then cut into pieces.

3. Stuffing mix: onion, ginger, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper, oil.

4. To prepare a bowl of water, start. (half a catty of meat stuffing a pound of leather.)

5. Put the stuffing, the first diagonal pinch, or picture, the other two angle stacked. It will be nice to have some water with chopsticks.

6. Wrap it up, more frozen into the refrigerator.

7. Bowl of parsley, seaweed, salt, MSG, sesame oil.

8. Wonton cooked, Sheng into the bowl, the little pepper oil.