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面条 午餐 单身食谱
After the pregnancy eat nothing to eat, they try to put together several vegetables stew, did not think the effect is quite good. I also like to eat, so I want to share this with you!
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


2,3A Half of the root
As you like Few
Look at your own

The vegetables Luandun practice steps

1. First vegetables Lean meat Wash Ginger garlic slice, and then put the oil in the pot to be hot, put ginger and garlic to fry Fried the fragrance Lean lean meat Then add water, the water is the most The alternate vegetables in conjunction with a pot, a small fire stew cook for about ten minutes, and then the noodles into the pot again and simmer for five minutes opened the lid and cook for a while, close juice Play a pot!


Small fire slow stew oh