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意大利面 午餐
I hate carrots and celery. But the two vegetables is very healthy Inadvertently to the supermarket to buy a pasta salad Which is mixed with celery and carrot. It's delicious to eat. So I went home to try It's almost the same. I hope you can like this dish.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so


A Two
Few Few
A box Few

The practice steps Tuna Salad pasta

1. Wash the carrot Use the eraser eraser into thin strip

2. Take a small strip of celery Cut into small cubes

3. Huw Rob Ye Che Small onion diced ps If you use a big onion Cut in half or1/4

4. Take a little pasta Depending on what you want to eat Cook. Try to cook for a long time. The pasta salad mix in more delicious

5. After boiling water to make it cool Or pour in a large pot to make it cool.

6. Cut the carrot Onion Celery Pour pasta in Then choose your favorite salad dressing. Add pasta Stir. Don't be stingy with salad sauce To cover all the roots of pasta

7. Then add canned tuna. Best flavor Today, the home of the original flavor of the taste of the tomato

8. Stir evenly after loading Eat it ... Refreshing and delicious Healthy and delicious


To control the water cool boiled pasta salad before Some people worry The pasta directly used cold water Do so Pasta became very easyqBomb Influence taste If you don't worry Advised to let it cool Or put it in a few hours later.