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This dish suitable for eating lighter crowd, oil and not greasy, fried in place, even the soup can Xiafan finished, tomato is to increase the vitaminCAnd vitaminsAThe egg is to enhance the human body immunity,2The combination of, really is the best delicious dishes!
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10Minutes or so


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1Spoon Appropriate amount
Most1Spoon Few

The practice steps of tomato scrambled eggs

1. Ready to wash the tomatoes and eggs!

2. The eggs in the other clean bowl, stir evenly, add a little salt, then stir evenly for preparation!

3. Cut into small pieces and prepare for the dish!

4. Don't have any pot of water, avoid oil splashing in the body burns!

5. A tablespoon of lard pot, until the melt, you can throw a circle, and keep the pot weeks are oil!

6. Wok fried egg!

7. Fried eggs with a spatula to crumble! Stir fry!

8. Fried egg shovel into the bowl again!

9. Fried egg on the pot, pour vegetable oil! Fried! Don't smell the lettuce!

10. Fried vegetable oil, pour tomato stir fry! And add the right amount of salt and MSG! Stir fry!

11. Tomato fried, with the addition of fried eggs!

12. Again stir fry, until all tasty!

13. Fry the complete process into the plate, you can enjoy delicious food!