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Outside a plate of Italy is not on the side of the twenty or thirty, not as much as they do at home, affordable, but also to eat at ease.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary)


Appropriate amount Two
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount
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The practice steps of Italy tomato sauce

1. To prepare materials, I prefer to use parsley instead of celery, feel more fragrant.

2. Tomato diced into coarse granular

3. The meat chopped into powder, coriander finely diced onions,

4. Cooking, cooking time can prepare materials, cooking needs ten minutes, just for good material!

5. A small amount of oil saute minced meat after put garlic end, coriander and onion stir fry together

6. Pour in tomato sauce

7. A little about cooking

8. Put the tomato sauce and proper salt seasoning

9. The surface with skillet mix sauce, can also be filled out to taste, casual!