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hot cook recipe
Chef, what would you like today?
Super convenient stew Do not add chicken Tomato sauce is also good to eat yo!
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute


The practice steps of tomato potato cabbage

1. Potatoes cut hob, tomatoes to cut large pieces, effectively protect the soup, the first dish can be arbitrarily torn into small pieces, onion and garlic prepared

2. Heat wok cool oil, add onion and garlic Stir fry out fragrance, add tomatoes turn a small fire to boil soup, if can't cook soup, you can add a little water, not tomatoes can be.

3. To be cooked tomato soup, add potatoes, salt, a small amount of sugar, a little soy sauce

4. Wait until almost cooked potatoes, add vegetables, vegetables can be cooked through, waiting for the head to be accomplished!


Tomatoes to choose the kind can cook sauce. Potatoes choose new potatoes; head of the dishes with a little can; if too sour tomatoes by adding a little sugar; if too soup color does not look good, adding a little soy sauce