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hot cook recipe
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Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10~30Minute


250g 100g
Few 250g
1Root Few

Radish juice of the surface step approach

1. Material wash good collection On the right is taken out of water rose leaves Afraid of waste Also in the area below

2. Braised pork stir after oil put some pepper and soy sauce color fishy Other ingredients cut good standby

3. Put the bottom oil in the pan. Stir fried into slice of fried. Fried radish put pepper noodles tasty

4. Add cooked minced meat Heated water

5. Face is made in advance. The surface film surface, and surface and a little stiff little note Cut For pulling patches

6. To tear the surface of a long One point one pulling patches

7. After pulling into the cut surface of the radish leaves Add salt A little soy sauce seasoning fresh Turn off the fire

8. Eat it

9. Finally say it Because the release of smoke Salt is less


I do is three people