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Beijing snack
The beans sauce is Beijing traditional dishes, in fact it is an upgraded version of the skin. In the past, it is necessary for every new year authentic tapas, now we have a refrigerator, summer can also eat this drinks beauty cool colorful small frozen frozen.


  • Pigskin1Bulk

  • Soybean1The

  • Green soya beans1The


  • Black fungus



  • Salt

    1Small spoon
  • Soy sauce

    1Small spoon
  • Ginger

  • Chinese prickly ash

  • Cooking wine

    1Small spoon
  • Soy sauce

    1Small spoon
  • Aromatic vinegar

    1Small spoon
  • Mashed garlic

  • Hot pepper

  • Coriander


Old Beijing beans sauce practices

1.Pigskin soaked in water for half an hour, scrape off the excess fat, then clean

The old Beijing soybean sauceUz.jpg

2.Pig into the pot, add a piece of ginger, pepper grain number, after the fire to boil, add cooking wine, simmer5Minute

The old Beijing soybean saucehE.jpg

3.Carefully remove the boiled skin, clean cut inside the fat, and the hair pulled clean, clean cut into thin strips

The old Beijing soybean sauceKa.jpg

4.The skin into the pot, rinse impurities, add1Pieces of ginger, a few grains of pepper,1Eight star and1Short of cinnamon, after the fire to boil, add a little cooking wine, turn a small fire stew for half an hour, adding to soak soybeans, continue to stew1.5Hour

The old Beijing soybean sauceHN.jpg

5.Add the green beans and black fungus, cook15Minutes, add a little salt and soy sauce color flavor, add chilli Ding stir off the fire

The old Beijing soybean sauceWN.jpg

6.Into the mold or other containers, put to the refrigerator when not cold3Hours before eating, diced, poured evenly mixed sauce, cool food

The old Beijing soybean sauceVb.jpg

The old Beijing soybean sauceMp.jpg

The old Beijing soybean sauceug.jpg