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hot cook recipe
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Steamed meat cake is very healthy, I didn't put Chicken MSG, no oil, originally very fresh meat, minced meat in the meat with oil.
The horseshoe -- Qi Anzhong Kaiweixiaoshi, in addition to the heat, Sheng Jin, zhilishen diabetes, jaundice, blood therapy. But like my stomach

Avoid eating cold.
Mushrooms -- stomach, Qi, blood, and, in addition to the wind...(Open)


120g 30g
40g 50g
20g 1A
5ml 3g

The horseshoe cake steamed mushrooms practice steps

1. Ready materials

2. All the materials are chopped

3. Inside the meat and mud to join the egg, it was only the egg white, egg yolk I do not know how to deal with, together. Add all the flour, soy sauce.

4. Mix the meat with the mud in a clockwise direction1Minutes. I was going to have to add some salad oil. I didn't put it. I had a lot of fat in the meat.

5. By this time can add water chestnut, mushrooms, edible fungus, salt and salt10mlThe water, continue to stir about the clockwise1Minute

6. A layer of oil is put on a layer of oil (I don't put), and the mixture of good meat all into the dish, smooth

7. Frame (I use cold water directly into the boiling water pot) water cover and steam15Minutes, then

8. From the pot.~~~Delicious sweet delicious, good slippery tender, we all love to eat a healthy, good taste