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A lot of people like to catch the cake in the outside buyers, but outside made very health, and things are expensive, so their own at home do and sanitary and convenient
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so


1(according to personal preference) 1(according to personal preference, can not put)
1A (supermarket is a bag) 1Bottle
According to personal preference According to personal preference

Taiwan hand grab cake practice steps

1. In the supermarket to buy a bag of hand to grab the cake

2. Choose your favorite ingredients, and the like.

3. The luncheon meat and other ingredients cut with a little oil fried yellow, use your favorite ingredients (bacon, eggs, dried meat floss, lettuce and other)

4. Will grab a pie open with a little oil in frying oil must be small, otherwise it will very tired), pan spatula slightly press (a thin cake is delicious) from time to time over. Pan fry until both sides yellowish

5. To turn off the fire, even before you have to prepare the ingredients, will be folded, you can start up

6. Finally, remind everybody, fried in the process of pay attention to the furnace, the fire not too big, to use a small fire or cake when the pressure will paste. When you put the ingredients in the first place to like the sauce evenly brush on the hand to catch the cake, the other ingredients!


Hand scratch cake can be used to do their own gray surface, too much trouble to the supermarket to buy