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下酒菜 午餐
Grandpa does not know back from where the snail, let me take home to
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute


Appropriate amount According to their own tastes
According to their own tastes 5Spoon or so
3Spoon Appropriate amount
5Flap 3A
A handful of Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount

Stir fried snail practice steps

1. The snail must be in the water with salt water soak for a few days in advance before the clamp off before cooking, escargot tail, then soak30Minutes. Then wash, wash to the water until now

2. The pot hot oil, after the oil is hot, add pepper aniseed

3. Add dry pepper.

4. Then pour xiaomila.

5. Add chopped pepper

6. Add chopped pepper in bean sauce

7. Put Jiang Hesuan in the film.

8. Fried Red oil, add snail

9. In the snail.

10. Add cooking wine. I put it2Spoon

11. Soy sauce, put a spoon.

12. The snail had not been poured into water, add salt, I also put cumin. Sesame, ferdinand. Into the sugar.

13. Add chicken juice. Medium heat10A pot after a minute.

14. Complete


The snail must advance soaked in salt water for several days, let him mess out, and then clamp off a little snail tail.