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The end of last year the fish noodles, leaving at the end of a handful of, go to the supermarket to carry back to a box of pork bone, noodles simmer soup, the most delicious "destroy" it. Noodle, is a thousand years have elapsed since the history of the Hubei local flavor of traditional dishes, as a local specialty, during the Ming Dynasty as a tribute in successive tribute court. Husband home, Huangmei Hubei. Huangmei, Hubei is famous throughout the country. "Huangmei village", in addition to Huangmei, noodle is Huangmei and one world, Manicure, have long enjoyed a good reputation.


  • Fish150G

  • Pig spine700G


  • Red pepper



  • Ginger

  • Chinese prickly ash

  • Cooking wine

    1Soup spoon
  • Shallot

  • Pepper

  • Water

    Appropriate amount
  • Salt


The practice of noodle soup simmer

1.The fish washing clean, soak in water pot, soaked until soft

2.Water pot,1/2Ginger shoot broken pot, washed Wan onion shallot knot wok, sprinkle a little pepper, boil will wash pig spine of the pot boil for a short boiling, pour wine into the boiling to bloody froth overflow

Stewed fish soupPz.jpg

3.Remove the pig spinal, floating foam warm water rinse attachment, controlling water into the soup pot, full of water injection

4.The remaining ginger shoot loose wok, boil the fire after boiling, turn a small fire to simmer stew cooked soft pig bone(About40Minute)

Stewed fish soupWp.jpg

5.Will soak until soft water after adding the fish noodles in soup, turn the fire

6.The noodles boiled to silvery white transparent, ceiling sauce tasty, add salt, pepper seasoning powder, play after the pot ring red pepper oil explosion incense after finishing can be 

Stewed fish soupep.jpg

Stewed fish soupiO.jpg

Stewed fish souppM.jpg

Stewed fish soupgx.jpg

Nutritional effect

With fresh fish and sweet potato(Sweet potato)Powder as the main raw material for making chipped fish noodle for Huangmei Opera is a high protein, low fat, low cholesterol, does not contain additives, preservatives and artificial chemicals traditional flavor of food, is a pure natural green food nutrition, brain lowering blood pressure, prevention of coronary heart disease and a variety of effects, the daily consumption can enhance physical fitness, health promotion.

Diet tips

As one unique flavor dishes, noodles to eat a variety of, simmer soup, boiled, fried, fried, hot pot ingredients etc., the noodles and meat and bone soup simmer heat boil is the traditional fish noodles is the most delicious to eat. Gravy full duration, each root surface of the wire is wrapped around the mellow, fragrant smell, aftertaste lingering houseway is entrance memorable.