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Chef, what would you like today?
小蛋糕 下午茶
I look at someone else's old microwave oven, but I think you have no microwave oven! We have steamed ~ ~ ~ the most down to earth
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute


21ml 1.8g
A small spoon 21g
10g 11g

With the practice of steaming Mug cake Coffee steps

1. The butter is dissolved in water.

2. Beat an egg and stir it up.

3. Add flour, yeast, sugar and stir well.
Yeast can also be used to play the powder ~ I was no foam to fight the powder to use the yeast, if not even yeast...... (; ~ ~)

4. Black coffee for me down to earth's Nescafe ~ of course you can use another tall!! If you are in Mocha, ah ah what you cappuccino, sugar can be reduced to a little

5. Black coffee and stirring it to

6. Add milk and stir well.

7. Big fire boiling water, on the pot steaming15min~duangTo the finished product!

8. I see someone else to do, when you can eat a pile of sugar, honey, ice cream and sieve, cream and so on to
I can't leverage the beans with heat... I still don't add up.
Taste, slightly bitter, firm! Breakfast stick!o(^At^)o


I don't put much sugar... So there is a little bitter ~ like the sweet self added sugar ha ~ there is, milk21mlYou're quite right21g~