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Shanxi snack

On the practice of child pea

1.The cooking oil into the pot lit, to heat the oil back pot, pour peas and a little salt, stir into the flour pastry

2.Flour, yeast, baking powder in a bowl of warm water and into the dough, knead slightly Tang

3.The dough kneading case light, wrapped in pastry flour, by hand press flat, with a rolling pin roll into a large

Stare son peasEk.jpg

4.From the end of dough rolled up into a circular coil shape, cut8A system. Left hand holding the agent, the right hand from one end of the Jizi opening screwed up, twisted into a spiral shaped and then flatten some with the index finger on extruding hole (don't puncture. The pan with oil, add biscuit, wipe a little oil on the cake blank, put it in the oven180Degree roast for twenty minutes

5.Roasted on the box cover mouth slightly cover, soft taste.

Stare son peasHZ.jpg

Stare son peasNi.jpg

Stare son peasCM.jpg

Stare son peasxk.jpg

Features of dishes

       The first time I heard this name when it burst into happy snacks, who stare? Peas?

       Pea stare is Shanxi Yuci Zhang Qing Xiang inheritance hundred years of cuisines and stare is to grains pea noodles with vegetable oil and made of a round cake, Cecil coiled, center circular hole shaped, earthen oven baked, bean smell alcohol, because of its use of pea noodles made, if eat too fast will often is choking, only stare hard to swallow it, so named“Stare.”. Pikelet shape is also very stare son posture.

       Pea flour is made of pea flour mill, its high nutritional value, rich in lysine, this is no other food. Lysine is a kind of amino acids the body needs, an essential nutrient is one of the essential amino acids, can promote the development of the human body, enhance the immune function, and improve the function of central nervous tissue; peas in a certain extent but also for the treatment of diabetes, as well as anti-cancer beauty, Tom Lee E. role.