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Eat potatoes, how to eat is not enough! Potatoes in the protein is better than soybeans, the closest animal protein. Potatoes are also conducive to weight loss, the beauty of the sisters can eat more oh...
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute


1Only 2A
Appropriate amount Less than half of the root
Less than half of the root Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount 3~4Slice
Few Few
Few Few
Few Few
Few Few
Appropriate amount

The practice steps of squid mashed potatoes

1. Rinse squid, boiling water boiled boiled, remember not too long. In addition to the squid don't chopped and other cut into small pieces, pour Korean chili sauce, soy sauce, salt, chicken, cooking wine, black pepper, honey marinated30Minutes.

2. Marinated squid, very tasty.(^_-)

3. The same time, the potatoes washed peeled and sliced on the pot steaming20Minutes.

4. Steamed potatoes into salt, white pepper mashed potatoes mashed potatoes.

5. Chopped vegetables.

6. The pot hot oil, add onion and carrot fried flavor.

7. Into the mashed potatoes, stirring evenly.

8. In the bowl of lettuce, take a group of Mashed Potato on lettuce, concave, add the marinated squid.

9. Add other vegetables to the rest of the mashed potatoes and stir well.

10. Cover the squid, with a spoon made of pyramid, middle insert squid can shape.

11. It's delicious.~


Vegetables can be according to their own preferences, you can also add some mushrooms and so on, like what you like to put something. Of course! Don't like squid's friends can use Bacon instead, as delicious oh...