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Egg flower soup is to ensure that the solidification of the egg to floating in the soup, no matter how agitated, egg flower always in a state of floating. So this is the key technique to make the egg soup. Please look carefully, simple method, with half the effort.


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Practice steps of spinach egg soup

1. Main auxiliary material: Eggs, spinach
Seasonings: Beef powder, salt, onion, starch

2. Chopped spinach, onion.

3. Put the eggs into the egg, must mix, so the leaching of egg flower shape look better.

4. Pot boil water, add beef powder, a little salt to taste.

5. First pour into the water starch thicken, this is done the trick Egg & vegetable soup.

6. Then the soup is ajar, pour into the egg, egg to circling slowly pour into, then plumerias in floating state.

7. Add spinach, onion.
The fire can turn off the fire.

8. Out of the pot into the bowl, you can put on the table.


1After the soup, thicken, change the proportion, then the egg will float. If you do not thicken, the egg will sink.
2The ingredients of the spinach can choose other ingredients, tomatoes, cucumber can be.