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Spicy chicken is a classic Chinese traditional dishes from Chongqing, Geleshan named karma. This dish into brown color dishes shiny, texture soft, spicy sauvignon. Salty fresh mellow, slightly sweet. General to chicken as main raw material, add onion, dried pepper, pepper, salt, pepper, monosodium glutamate and other various materials refined and, nutrient rich, taste delicious, although is the same dish around making also have their own characteristics.


  • Chicken leg2A


  • Peanut(Fried)

    3Soup spoon


  • Salt

  • Chicken

  • Ginger

  • Garlic

  • Chinese prickly ash

    1Soup spoon
  • Dry pepper

  • Cooking wine

    1Soup spoon
  • Starch

    2Soup spoon
  • Sugar

  • Shallot

  • Vegetable oil


Spicy chicken practices

1.Prepared ingredients

Spicy chickenWR.jpg

2.Will wash Chicken Chop2-3Cm of small pieces, placed in a bowl, add1A spoon of cooking wine,1Teaspoon salt,2Tablespoons water starch and mix well.20Minutes tasty,1Small ginger,3Garlic cut slices, onion cut2Cm segment,20Dry chili peppers cut into small pieces(salt in curing chicken when to add a foot, otherwise the fried add salt is not easy to enter the taste, pepper and other spices or added according to personal taste)

Spicy chickenye.jpg

3.Dry or dry wok, pour300Ml vegetable oil, burn to five or six into heat(chopsticks into the oil, the scrutiny of the oil surface will flip the corrugated, chopsticks around the bubble becomes denser, but no sound, micro smoke)

Spicy chickencH.jpg

4.Fried chicken nuggets3Minutes, fry until golden yellow, off the fire, Sheng out of control dry oil(at the beginning of frying oil temperature should not be too high, otherwise the chicken fried uneven color, not mature. But the oil temperature is too low is adverse, because too low will make chicken block water leaching too much, make the dishes texture becomes dry and hard, 56 into the heat is appropriate)

Spicy chickenIY.jpg

5.The fire again, firing Qicheng hot pan(chopsticks into the oil, around a large number of bubbles, and the crackling sound, smoke belching)The next pot with a big fire.2Minute(re fried, the oil temperature never can be low to higher than that of the first oil temperature, otherwise chicken will smoke a lot of oil, eat up very greasy, firepower, so as to outside the coke tender)

Spicy chickenTU.jpg

6.Until golden surface, the meat is crisp, turn off the heat, remove and control dry oil.

Spicy chickenbG.jpg

7.In pot stay in base oil, fire heat, low heat into the ginger, garlic slice saute, then add pepper and pepper cut, fried spicy fragrance(fried pepper and pepper when the fire should be small, both to prevent the paste can be better and better fried flavor)

Spicy chickenRj.jpg

8.Add chicken stir fried, add fried peanuts

Spicy chickenXL.jpg

9.In1/2Teaspoon salt,1/2Teaspoon of chicken,1/2Teaspoons of sugar and stir fry shallot section

Spicy chickenJF.jpg

Spicy chickenqN.jpg

Spicy chickeneU.jpg