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hot cook recipe
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Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary)


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Practice steps of hot Chinese Cabbage

1. Cut cabbage into4Half, salt6An hour to water in the pickled, soak up the salt wash, or will be very salty.

2. Use the cooking machine to beat the ginger and garlic into the ground.

3. At the same time, half an apple and a half pear juice

4. Cut the carrot and onion into thin filaments

5. I bought on Taobao spicy cabbage sauce, just cut a variety of silk and spicy cabbage sauce, ginger and garlic juice and apples Pear Juice mix to mix well together, so do wipe to control water cabbage on each layer should be wiped Oh, especially Chinese cabbage roots more than wiping a little this part did not take pictures...

6. The finished product is the appearance of the product at room temperature.2The sky, and then in the fridge.