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Chef, what would you like today?
Daughter likes to eat meat but do not love fat, do a braised pork ribs put some potatoes, ribs rotten potatoes face-to-face can eat a bowl of rice, her stomach was full of my heart are satisfied.
Difficulty:Garnish(Intermediate) Time:10-30Minute


500g 200g(1Big potato)
3Slice 2Grain
Few 2Spoon
2Spoon Few
2Spoon Few

The practice steps of spareribs with brown sauce potatoes

1. Ribs is a good seller must be cleaned, potatoes cut into small pieces (fast), onion, ginger slices (I used the Mao Congtou).

2. Boiling water to the ribs in blood boiled off, some white meat can.

3. Put a little oil hot pot.

4. Heat the oil into the sugar and stir fry the red, then pour the ribs into the quick stir fry so that each piece can be hung up.

5. Put onion ginger pepper noodles fried flavor.

6. Add water just didn't have a spare ribs can be.

7. Salt2Small spoon.

8. Cooking wine2Small spoon.

9. The big fire burned the potatoes.

10. Coriander cut short, mince garlic spare.

11. The big fire to open to the middle of the fire slow stew15Minutes or so.

12. When the juice is not a lot of the garlic, add a little msg. Before the pan put a little onion will add some flavor.

13. Finished product.

14. Finished product.


After the fire can be opened after the potatoes, turn in the fire slowly stew ribs will be rotten, the taste of the soup can also penetrate into the potatoes, so that the potato will be a face.