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hot cook recipe
Chef, what would you like today?
Wife said with a few days of eating chili, said today do not want to eat spicy food, so you have this pig.....
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above


700 300g


5g 5g
15g 5g

The practice steps of soybeans stuffy pork

1. After the water floating oil pork chop.... So pour15Minute or so water..

2. Soybeans with boiling water, at least two hours

3. Pig flying water, skim...

4. Under the hot star anise and cinnamon, candy to fry...

5. Ginger and garlic, fried pork.

6. Under the soy sauce flavor, soy sauce color, fishy wine... Continue to stir fry...

7. The fire two minutes, then, probably25After a minute to put soybeans

8. Small fire stewed soybeans40Minutes, remember cover

9. Let the water boil dry, out of the pot before the fire close juice, according to personal taste, taste it has enough salt can be, do not put MSG what, I added a little bit scallion can out of the pot

10. Finished, to tell you the truth, stewed cooking is not enough, to stew for a while will taste better, but fineness or very good, oh, ha ha ha