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午餐 孕妇食谱
Soy beans in the king and contains rich vegetable protein, calcium lowering blood lipid, prevent hardening of the arteries, stewed pig elbow can also be beauty, postpartum lactation of nutriment.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above


500g 250g
200g 1A
Few Few
Few Few

The practice steps of the double elbow of the bean stew

1. Pig elbow wash cold water pot

2. The water boiled off the fire when fishing to the floating dirt

3. Warm water wash pig elbow after add cold water into the pot, the water should be no ingredients slightly more) add chopped bacon and octagonal fire to boil turn fire.

4. Halfway to join the cooking wine, salt (a little on the line, because the salty taste salty pork will seep into the beans and pig elbow) sugar. Cook for about25Minutes or so into the soaked soybeans and then small and medium heat to continue to slow stew.

5. About1Hours until the soup is thick variable yellow milk, beans and meat has melted add oyster sauce, Shaozhu a moment you can clean wok, installed dish can enjoy!! Delicious, really delicious!


Soybeans should be soaked in advance24More than an hour to cook..