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Love to drink milk grain, but each with soya bean milk machine calls soya bean milk have left a lot of bean dregs, very nutritious and not willing to throw away, it bears a multigrain pancake, tastes surprisingly good
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so


Appropriate amount
1A Appropriate amount

The practice steps of bean dregs grains pancake

1. With the screen left left after playing Soybean Milk filter residue

2. Add noodles, beat an egg in, add water. Stir into a paste, not too thin nor too thick. Add salt and stir again.

3. Electric cake stalls, pour the batter into a share of pancake, can also make a good baked pancake in egg or lettuce are delicious. Can put up to eat when breakfast, hot it is convenient


When baked pancakes can according to personal taste, add green onion, pepper leaves.