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Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above


Appropriate amount 500g
Appropriate amount

Soy meat fried sauerkraut practice steps

1. A night at the sauerkraut About four times Taste Not salty can I bought an ordinary pickled fish pickled cabbage

2. According to the amount of soy bean Bubble night Bubble hair Easy to cook fried

3. Pickled vegetable dices

4. Minced meat with coriander ginger onion foam mix (this is yesterday onion meat left Clay oven rolls Be lazy.

5. Under the pan fried More than usual cooking oil Fried fragrant foam Added soybean Then the sauerkraut Because I use the meat marinated in advance. So I just added a little taste very fresh Put a little bit of water By doing This is also tasty soybean