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Pastry staple
Seen northwest Guo Kui, large and thick. Only take a look at, also will be supported. In contrast, Sichuan daguokui is much smaller. Diameter12,3Cm, holding hands, will not feel the weight is too heavy to bear.
Flour is the classic varieties daguokui. Just pure and sweet, no extra seasoning. It seems to eat but appear trite and insignificant, infinite changes. The most delicious, the most popular, be the most changeful, than in the sandwich fillings in daguokui flour. Every kind of fillings, can meat, which can be salty pale. Like hamburger, hamburger ocean, content is far more than they are much richer, and thus become the characteristics of fast food.
Flour flour usually daguokui YISHION, today, put it into the interpretation of okara version. Early at the edge of the Guokui stalls waiting baked hot Guokui seems the details already blurred, only about baking impression -- first in the oven on the cover also pot with handle large circular plate on the two side turning branded, and then into the corrugated iron below the furnace baking, do not flip face. The family, no such stoves, however, with the pan and oven, should also be completed. According to their own imagination free play, the dough into a round cake, first in the pan on both sides of the pan, and then put into a good oven baking. As for the heat, he looked at the office. Until daguokui and showing a bulging, light golden yellow, released one by one. After cooling, the stomach is naturally shrink. Baked daguokui has a natural stratification, it is said that, well, this layer is located just daguokui thickness line. The first time to do this, not the effort, but this is the way it looks, but also with the sale of more close to the.


  • Bean dregs200G

  • Water90Milliliter

  • Flour400G

  • Baking powder1Small spoon

  • Yeast(Dry)1Small spoon


  • Fine sugar

  • Salt

    1/4Small spoon

Soybean flour Guokui approach


Ingredients: soybean dregs200G, medium gluten flour400G, water90Dry yeast1Small spoon, baking powder1Small spoon, fine sugar10Salt, salt1/4Small spoon


The materials except water poured together, rub evenly. According to the dough as appropriate adding water, roucheng smooth dough. Into the container, and the dough is raised.


Split into6Equally, round, oval shaped dough, roll up. Both ends of the kneading, shut down, roll into a diameter of about12Round cake of centimeter. Slack20Minutes or so


Heat pan, put the cake, both sides turn golden yellow. Put in a good oven, middle, upper and lower.150-170Degree, roast5To10Minutes or so, a yellow, baked

Cooking skills

Kneading, water to adjust the moisture content of bean curd residue.
Fermentation time should be determined according to the temperature.
Baking time should not be too long, to prevent the skin is too dry hard.