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Since since I make their own tofu, driven by the many friends joined the ranks of homemade tofu, that a friend jokingly said to sell bean curd mold and bittern stores but happy, Hei hei. I do the tofu, I send people to eat everyone said than to buy the good, and this will be more inspired me to make the interest of tofu. But all of us together always worry about making tofu bean dregs can be how to run it, because there are a lot of nutrients in soybean dregs, throwing a pity, but do eat also did not discover what delicious way. I have used a fried bean dregs balls, it is not good to do, well dispersed, and very oil, not health. Today I suddenly think of childhood always see carotene meatball mother do the, I also to Riga, carrot, bean dregs try it, something that, early in the morning to buy the carrot and coriander, home to try, result unexpectedly, but also good, because of the addition of flour is not loose and carrot balls sweet trace of, very delicious, also do tofu friends do you have interest also give it a try.


  • Bean dregs400G

  • Carrot4Root


  • At the end of the onion

  • Salt

  • Coriander

  • Flour

  • Clean water

    Appropriate amount

The practice of bean dregs carotene meatballs


Coriander washed carrot


After using carrot wire brush knife chop (to avoid wire is too long balls of other effects)


Carrots chopped and put salt in the pot, salt water


Coriander and onion cut into the end


See the water after adding carrots chopped coriander and green onions at the end, add400G clutching the very dry bean dregs


Add the right amount of flour.


Mix into paste


The addition of corn oil in wok


Because with bean dregs so balls can not be like the past that hand squeeze, I am with both hands rub the ball, will all give a good rub oil also 67 into hot


Will be a good rub balls under the wok (just don't stir into the bottom of the shell, until a little can be stirred)


See all the balls floating up, the right color can be pulled out.


Fish can eat the warm clothes

Cooking skills

This time I add flour with slightly more, next time I prepare to put less try, add the bean dregs balls skin crisp delicious. Eat five spice powder can also add some, I do not like the taste so don't put.