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Like to eat grain, prepared ingredients often exceeds the amount of two people, cannot drink millet gruel, plus manual grinding the remaining soy bean dregs, on the achievements of this delicious and nutritious bean dregs steamed bread. Lukewarm millet gruel plus an appropriate amount of yeast powder, added grip dry bean dregs, add an appropriate amount of flour and knead the dough, a warm place fermentation, knead the embryo, Xing can wok steamed...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above


Appropriate amount Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount

The practice steps of bean dregs Steamed buns

1. 1.Lukewarm xiaomizhou added yeast

2. 2.Add flour and noodle and bean dregs

3. 3.Hair a good face knead into raw embryos

4. 4.Xing good wok cooked whole.


Small rice and bean dregs water as little as possible.