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Often saw in the supermarket of imported food snacks include taro, sell expensive. So they do it yourself, the better five one trips to bring snacks.
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute




60G 40G
20G Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount

Snacks, spicy Taro crisp practice steps

1. Buy taro,1A, about800G; (no relation, want to buy large and more to buy a few)

2. Taro, peeled and washed, (remember to bring gloves and skin, prevent skin allergy)

3. A uniform cut taro chopsticks, sprinkle salt;

4. Prepare sticky rice, glutinous rice flour, fried powder; proportion3:2:1(PSSee: taro to determine how much each powder amount, in proportion to the fried out will be very crisp)

5. Sticky rice flour60G, sticky rice40G, fried flour20Grams, add salt, stir evenly, then add the right amount of water, stir into the rice milk;

6. The taro, pepper chopped stir: (do not eat chili, add chili powder can be omitted)

7. Hot pot, pour oil;

8. When the oil is hot, add a stir of taro;

9. Taro, float, yellowish, flip, all yellow, remove;

10. Remove the cool taro strip, wrapped, very crisp. Green good snacks.


1.Remember to wear gloves when peeled taro;
2.Do not eat chili peppers;