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Pastry staple Southeast Asian food

Chew it Fried rice noodles

1.Water, add a scoop of curry powder, a tablespoon of oil, a spoon of salt, boiled

2. Put Rice noodles in water, soft boiled after controlling water drain

3. Red peppers, onions, leeks, shredded pork; egg spread into the egg skin, cut into egg crepe

4. The pot put oil, add shrimp, fried after paprika onion, leek, Huang Si

Singapore Fried rice noodlesZH.jpg

5. Put a little bit of curry powder, fish sauce, a little tomato sauce, add Rice noodles cooked, stir well

6. Put the egg silk pork stir fry, sprinkle with sesame oil, white sesame, salt, pan

Singapore Fried rice noodlesIE.jpg

Singapore Fried rice noodleszE.jpg

Singapore Fried rice noodlesLN.jpg

Singapore Fried rice noodlesIj.jpg

Features of dishes

         Stir fried rice noodles can be described as is a well-known classical Nanyang cuisine, the rice to Singapore named to the, because Singapore in local and Guangdong area is also called Star Singapore or Singapore, so this has a special flavor of the Singapore fried rice is known as Singapore fried rice.

         Singapore fried rice with shrimp, pork, eggs, vegetables, silk materials Ruwei, rice before transferred to curry cooked, it not only make the rice yellow color, touch of curry taste, but also to maintain the rice dry taste, salty moderate, delicious, both appetizing and health, particularly local Chinese, Hong Kong and Macau to love. Small Chinese restaurants in American, is a fried to meet the eye everywhere

         The traditional Singapore Fried rice noodles is used if there is no available Guangdong style barbecued pork, shredded meat instead of.