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Chef, what would you like today?
Like to eat pizza, but don't like big face pancake taste, so always put eating pizza fillings, cake bottom is thrown on one side, suddenly thought of the refrigerator with a pancake, whim canDIYThin bottom pizza, did not think it is good to eat, after the end of the cake baked crisp crisp, a bit like soda crackers, eat three
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so


20g Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount 1Root
2Slice Appropriate amount
2Spoon 1Slice

Simple version of the practice steps of the thin end of pizza

1. Coated with sugar, with Ma Su mozzarella broken, baked crispy sweet

2. The pea, corn boiled with water, with kitchen paper, wipe the water, or to be put the pizza, cake water bottom is not brittle, wash the cabbage, cut wire, bacon torn into small pieces, sausage cut into small pieces, in beauty to enjoy vegetables cake coated with a layer of sauce, put chopped mozzarella cheese, cabbage, vegetable seed, bacon, sausage cubes, and then covered with a piece of cheese, into the oven, I use the most simple oven, the inability to adjust temperature, can only adjust the time and baked five minutes can be a ~ ~


Pizza is the infinite possibilities of the food, so want to put what random, as long as you feel like, beauty enjoy spinach pie is I bought in the metro, Taobao has no pizza sauce can with tomato sauce, chili sauce, bean paste, Laoganma what what what is OK, as long as you feel like