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素食 家常菜 午餐 晚餐
Every winter, home must store on two cabbages, stewed cabbage, vermicelli luxurious, fried cabbage is a must, and incompetent brought fried rice cakes, the following article is right. Frost touched the cabbage, sweet and refreshing, how to eat all right. However, if to change the unusual smell of cabbage, I suppose, you'd be surprised, shredded cabbage! Whether you believe it or not, it tastes good!


  • Cabbage help 800G


  • Ginger

  • Garlic

  • Chive

  • Pepper foam



  • Soy sauce

    1Soup spoon
  • Aromatic vinegar

    2Soup spoon
  • Starch

    1Soup spoon
  • Sugar

    2Soup spoon
  • Pixian bean paste

    1Soup spoon

Shredded cabbage approach

1.The Chinese cabbage to help the oblique blade into a large reserve

Shredded cabbageal.jpg

2.Chopped onion, ginger, pepper foam, mince garlic, finely chopped bean paste Pixian reserve

Shredded cabbageJL.jpg

3.Hot pot add ginger, garlic, onion powder and white pepper foam stir fry, add Pixian hot bean sauce stir fragrance and Red oil

Shredded cabbageZo.jpg

4.After the end of material stir fried flavor Red oil, stir the fire and pour into the cabbage, the cabbage stir fry until slightly off students

Shredded cabbageyx.jpg

5.The soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, starch adding water mix garlic sauce, pour in cabbage with stir the fire

Shredded cabbageYT.jpg

6.After the sauce sprinkled with green paste you can clean wok, dish to eat

Shredded cabbagehT.jpg

Shredded cabbageQp.jpg

Shredded cabbagely.jpg

Shredded cabbageMd.jpg

Cooking skills

1And do the dish with crisp cabbage core help taste best, also is the front end of the cabbage no leaves the site, the Chinese cabbage grilled outside to several layers of vegetables can help.

2Fish, taste it, mainly is to master the proportion of sauce ingredients. Prior to the garlic juice ready is very important, so temporary inside the same with seasoning, stir fried cooked cabbage.