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Practice of seaweed egg meal

       Designed for children in poor areas of a nutritious meal, simple, delicious, nutritious, and can burp. A less than2The cost of $, this formula is suitable for frying pan suitable for lunch. Laver usually the most common approach is to drink soup, birthday party secretary rice, actually seaweed to eat a lot of, such as fried to eat, eating grilled, fried, pastries, bread and so on, mixed today use it do laver egg rice.

1.All the ingredients are ready, use chopsticks to loose the rice

2.Egg into the bowl and stir into the egg, the laver with scissors into small onions, carrots, diced

3.Pot, fire wok with some oil, the egg into the pot

4.The egg into the pot at the same time, the other hand picked up the chopsticks to stir back and forth in the pot, let the egg into small.

5.Put chopped green onion and laver with fried flavor

6.Steamed Rice wok and add salt, carrots, and pan fried ingredients together evenly, flameout plate

Seaweed egg mealnE.jpg

Seaweed egg mealud.jpg

Cooking skills

Want to eat fried rice particles clearly remember three points:

1, in cooking, water is necessary to add less than usual;

2The rice must be cool, it is best to eat overnight;

3, fried is the whole process only small fire.

Nutritional effect

1, seaweed rich in choline and calcium, iron, enhance memory, maternal and child anemia treatment, promote the growth and health of bones and teeth; laver contain polysaccharide has significantly enhance cellular and humoral immune function, and promote the lymphocyte transformation, improve the body's immunity.

2Egg richDHAAnd lecithin, egg yolk, favorable to the development of the nervous system and the body, brain puzzle, improve memory, promote the regeneration of liver cells.