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肉类 禽类 午餐
The most loved University of the east gate, a lot of Food. Particularly deep impression is a Lanzhou Lamian chicken market, Xinjiang halal food. For the first time to eat agency said small Tong Tong please, day after training, a Elang like to eat a lot of, indeed as expected to us point a lot of disc, even after the... Also take a variety of spoof sauce. Food is the best memory of the carrier, the taste of the market carrying me...(Open)


Seven A
A Seven
A bottle of Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount 200g

The practice steps of a large chicken

1. Stock

2. The water boiled chicken picked up

3. Heating oil, pan fried sugar candy

4. Chicken saute, add the garlic, aniseed, bean paste and cook for ten minutes

5. Add onion and potatoes and continue to stir fry.

6. Fifteen minutes after firing into beer, add green pepper, cook for ten minutes into the chicken pot

7. Dough kneading dough

8. Roll made of leather

9. Spread out, sprinkle a layer of flour

10. Cut it with a knife. The pot boil for seven or eight minutes, and the chicken sauce is a perfect match to the market