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禽类 午餐 朋友聚餐
Colleagues from outside the back pack the night for me to eat salty chicken (moved), a bite, can't eat, not only the skinQAnd even meat did not taste, than boiled chicken unpalatable, and colleagues said next time don't buy the home, I said to do tomorrow a give her to eat, the taste of myl
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30~60Minute


Free A few
A few /
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Than usual dosage3To5Times Appropriate amount

Practice steps of salted chicken (chicken wings)

1. In the market to buy back the wings, I think too much of a whole chicken, chicken wings just, oh, cut into small pieces, to buy time to call shop owner to cut

2. Boil the water under the chicken pieces, the bloody water boiled away, on the surface of the water is, never cooked ah, about two or three minutes can be picked up, rinse with water clean backup

3. Prepare necessary material, garlic, ginger, garlic, pepper, star anise, white wine. Because I like to eat hot, so I added two dry hot pepper

4. Fish cooked chicken wings with normal weight3To5Times more, and then put salt and meat rub evenly. (because to add boiled, do not like salty can reduce the amount of salt, taste the severity is vary from person to person, the first friend, you can put less points, and slowly try)

5. Spare materials all joined in pickled chicken wings,20Such minutes (the curing time is random, because, be cooked taste will be infiltrated into the wings.)

6. Now the marinated chicken wings after adding water to boil, simmer for15To20Minutes, soup fast when we go, doesn't love too chewy friends can add more water to cook

7. Cook well, put on a plate, skin is veryQMeat is very fragrantY(^_^)Y


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