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hot cook recipe
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Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10-30Minute


100g 2g
A few drops of Few
5Drop Teaspoon

The practice steps salmon loose

1. Ready to have salmon, I use the frozen.

2. Cut into small pieces, with ginger powder, salt, sugar, lemon juice, wine for a while.

3. Put a small fire pan fried, fried side of the fish crushed, while fish no discoloration, then sprinkle a little lemon juice and wine flavor.

4. The more fried the more dry. When are crushed, taste the taste, you can add a small amount of salt or soy sauce. People like sweet a little, so there is a little sugar. Add black pepper and stir fry until the end.

5. Crushed dried fish floss


Must be small fire. My dressing ratio is not very salty, sugar can also be a little more.