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早餐 午餐
Shea butter, also known as avocado, avocado, cool pear, fruit cream is a tropical and subtropical fruits, "forest butter" reputation, high due to the oil content of the fruit, cut like butter as delicate, soft and smooth, very dense, so called avocado. Guinness world record even the butter fruit as the most nutritious fruit.


  • Potato200G

  • Avocado1A

  • Salmon100G


  • Green soya beans

  • Egg



  • Salt

  • Mustard sauce

  • Black pepper

  • Olive oil

  • Sugar

    Appropriate amount
  • Lemon juice

    Appropriate amount
  • Coriander


Salmon Avocado Salad

1.The potatoes peeled, diced, and green beans are boiled with water drain.

Salmon Avocado Saladgb.jpg

2.Avocado peel and cut into half, remove the flesh kernel, diced fresh salmon, cut into Xiaoding spare

Salmon Avocado SaladBT.jpg

3.Add egg yolk into a large bowl, add the amount of sugar, egg yolk to pass to the volume expansion, color, color, a little oil, add a little oil, so that the oil and egg yolk is completely integrated, continue to add a little oil, add to the edge with a little bit of oil, egg yolk not only do not become thinner but will become more and more thick, and then add the lemon juice, until the whole sauce thick

Salmon Avocado SaladNI.jpg

4.Put all the ingredients into a large salad bowl, add egg yolk sauce, black pepper, a little salt, stirring evenly, and finally sprinkle the mixture evenly.

Salmon Avocado SaladNO.jpg

Salmon Avocado SaladGP.jpg

Salmon Avocado SaladRe.jpg

Diet tips

Suitable for raw salmon, raw nutrition value highest, after high-temperature cooking salmon contains beneficial fatty acids will be destroyed, its nutritional value also decreased a lot, such as did not used to eating salmon available slight boiled, steamed to three to seven points ripe can.