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糕点主食 午餐
Shacha face, everyone heard chanting, simple practice, enough to feed delicious, important is in the soup, the fresh pig bone or chicken to cook and, noodles in boiling water hot pot and cook until cooked, scoop into a bowl, with their favorite flavors to add seafood or meat, finally topped with large pot rolling boil mellow soup, in less than two minutes, a bowl of delicious delicious noodles Shacha flavor will be on the table, the my improved rice flour instead of noodles, taste also belong to light, but still wonderful.


  • Rice noodles200G

  • Shrimp10Only

  • Egg1A

  • Fish ball4Grain

  • Straw mushroom1The

  • Oily bean curd6Block

  • Watercress1The


  • Salt

  • Chicken

  • Garlic

  • Cooking oil

  • Satay Sauce

    2Soup spoon
  • Water

    Appropriate amount

Satay Rice noodles soup

1.Rice into the amount of water immersion1Hours, take a pot of water boil into boiled hot cooked until soft, do not cook too long to taste more elastic

Rice noodles Shacha soupeX.jpg

2.Rice noodles boiled soft ripe and dry moisture control, into the bowl(Rice noodles can also change noodles, alkaline water, rice noodles, potato powder, with your love)

Rice noodles Shacha soupjA.jpg

3.Wash shrimp, shrimp line, cut to be, the heated wok after drops in a little oil, saute garlic, pour shrimp fry color, transferred amount of salt and tasty, ripe, containing the backup(Stir fry the shrimps is chewing, I like to do this, you can also directly use boiling water blanch shrimp)

Rice noodles Shacha soupRJ.jpg

4.Pot add broth boil, the straw mushroom and tofu, cut in half, and pepper pill together into the soup, then it is desirable another pot eggs again after boiling will wash the Sai Yeung Choi to join too blanch

Rice noodles Shacha soupyK.jpg

5.In barbeque sauce, salt, chicken essence, olive oil, watercress blanch to soft when cooked fish out into a first Rice noodles bowl

Rice noodles Shacha soupwE.jpg

6.Will be cooked eggs cut half, and all cooked ingredients into the rice bowl

Rice noodles Shacha soupuy.jpg

7.Finally pour in the pot to boil for soup, sprinkle with garlic or edible coriander seed

Rice noodles Shacha souppP.jpg

Rice noodles Shacha soupCh.jpg

Rice noodles Shacha souprp.jpg

Rice noodles Shacha soupVr.jpg