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hot cook recipe
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煲仔饭 午餐
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute


500g Appropriate amount

The practice steps of ribs beans rice

1. Rice Amoy good soak for half an hour

2. Chop into pieces

3. Pick a good wash beans

4. Prepare ginger, garlic, spring onion, star anise, pepper

5. Blanch to bloody foam ribs after controlling dry standby

6. Put a small amount of oil to open a small fire, add rock sugar to promote sugar with a spatula

7. Fried sugar into dark brown sugar the onion ginger garlic, pepper, aniseed, I also put a spoonful of Red oil bean sauce

8. A moment of fried pork ribs, so that the uniform color of ribs

9. Add wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, salt, the amount of water, the water will not boil ribs, turn a small fire20-25In a minute, you can use chopsticks to try to plug in the meat can be

10. Bean pot and cook for two minutes, can burn off raw beans

11. Ribs beans rice burning up on standby

12. The bottom of the casserole brush a layer of oil

13. 350Kemiga520Grams of water, these materials, a family of three stuttering enough

14. Cover open fire to the foaming state, turn small fire on the surface as well as a small amount of water

15. About two minutes without water, along the edge of the pan drops into a circle of oil (so do Guoba)

16. At this time the cooked ribs beans code on top of the rice, Weihuo burning two minutes, you can smell fragrant crispy taste the fire, fire and a lid braised20Minutes or so.

17. Because I have a soup with my ribs.,So there is no re adjustment of the material, so that the taste is enough to eat, a three mouth of a rib soup potOKAnd a word is fragrant


Casserole braised rice and water ratio is Steamed Rice1:1.5. Recently super love casserole with rice, rice Amoy good with the blisters on the first half an hour, personally think that a little trouble, and casserole stew than the rice cooker to incense, bottom of the pot a layer of pale yellow rice crust that taste of fried chicken sticks.