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午餐 单身食谱
Is a reference to "machine" a white bread transformation of ten, because there is no special steamer home, one small steamed made up after will all stick together, after the split is very ugly, like every are bitten like, so I direct a whole steamed, cooked Recut
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above


400g 200g
4g Appropriate amount
Appropriate amount Appropriate amount

Red dates red bean paste volume approach steps

1. 400gMix the flour with the right amount of sugar.

2. 200gWater entry4gMix the yeast, placed10Let it wake up.

3. Yeast water into the flour, stirring into cotton wool

4. Knead the dough, seal on the fresh keeping film15Minutes or so

5. Knead into a smooth dough into two parts, this component can do two, mainly in the house the size of the pot

6. A rolling pin roll into a rectangular

7. Shop a red bean and red jujube, originally I was laying a curly a, but today want to be lazy, so directly on the shop, do not know steamed out what will happen

8. Roll up the pot, add water, cover the pot placed1An hour. Look at the big fire and steam to the smoke to a small fire and then steam25Minute

9. Well, everything is all right.


Red bean red dates can also be easily replaced by another, before I do put raisins are good