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面包 烘焙 下午茶


300g 15g
20g 30g
3g 4g
1A 140g
Appropriate amount

The practice steps of red bean bread

1. All materials, except the butter, red bean paste into the bread machine, and start program, to be bunched up into a smooth dough ball after adding butter to start and procedure, rub out the film can be.

2. The dough to two times the size of the big, with the hand press not rebound.

3. Will be fermented dough out of the exhaust, divided into10Equal parts (with their size), covered with plastic wrap proofing15-20Minutes.

4. Remove the dough and pressed into a round cake into the package Dousha Xian, pinched shut and then roll into an oval, with a knife cut on the surface of a knife edge.

5. The dough is rolled up, and both ends are rounded and squeezed tightly, and then the two fermentation is carried out.

6. Two times of fermentation of bread, boiled on the surface of a layer of egg. Preheat oven170Degree, roast20Minute.


The prescription source of beauty of the mother, the original recipe of butter30gI reduce the amount15g.