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Chef, what would you like today?
Today to see many friends do the glutinous rice balls, I heart itch, then brought yesterday Doubao left red bean stuffing, I also try a package dumplings, ha, home I have just prepared cake online shopping of glutinous rice flour, really is have everything bad Dongfeng ah, ha ha, first time, technical lack ah, feeling is too big, my dad often say I package dumplings will carry two people to eat, it is estimated that with my lazy nature about ha, what save you, hee hee. But eat up or a good drop, a sense of achievement, fly in the ointment is broken a, leads to the soup color white, nothing ha next time correction. Hope people are round and round.


  • Glutinous rice flour200G


  • Warm water

  • Red bean paste


The red Glutinous Rice Balls practices


The homemade red bean stuffing from the fridge to temperature


The red bean stuffing cuocheng need size balls


The glutinous rice flour slowly and into a soft dough with warm water in the basin


Wake up20After a minute, take a small piece of family reunion and then press


The red bean stuffing ball on the face


With the palm will be around to group together, finally, rubbing his hands into a ball on the line


After the wrap and placed in dry glutinous rice flour dish (sprinkle powder can prevent Glutinous Rice Balls with live)


Take a pot and put it in cold water.


Open water after adding wrapped Glutinous Rice Balls, and then use a spoon to prevent over dip at the end


Boil after the change in the fire, until the Glutinous Rice Balls float said ripe

Cooking skills

Because the dumpling is made of glutinous rice flour more sticky, so the stomach is not good or older people remember to eat, taste can be, health first.