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hot cook recipe
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Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute


300g 3g
1A 300g
30g 50g
3g 150ml

Practice steps of pumpkin bread

1. Prepare materials.

2. Make pumpkin mud: cut the pumpkin into thin slices and add water.150mlSugar,300g, into the electric cooker, cooker30Minutes after the removal, use chopsticks to stir, spare.

3. In the bread, the bread is placed in the mud, eggs, salt, and the upper left corner of the salt.

4. Sieve into the high gluten powder, cover the last step of the material.

5. Dig a hole in the high gluten flour, add yeast, yeast and other materials do not contact.

6. Add the butter in the bottom right corner.

7. Start bread machine and surface program.

8. Good dough out and knead.

9. Exhaust relaxation10Minutes.

10. The uniform is divided into several parts, rolled up with flour roll roll into strips, add to the mold.

11. In the oven, the chassis is filled with hot water, and the bread is sealed with plastic wrap and placed in the oven for two times.

12. When fermenting to2Times, the oven on the tube to170Degree, preheating5After a minute, put the bread and toast.25Minutes.

13. Complete.

14. Soft, fragrant......