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奶油蛋糕 下午茶
Difficulty:Chef(Senior) Time:1Hours above


5A 40g
40g 80g
85g 800g
5g Some

The steps of the pony cream cake

1. Egg yolk protein, egg yolk plus30Sugar, beat well, add oil, milk, and mix well. Protein three times50Sugar, mixed egg yolk paste and protein,170Degree60Roasted one in a minute8Inch Chiffon Cake. Cooling stripping3Slice

2. Light cream100Cream with cream7G Sugar (the sugar content is not reflected in the burden of the ingredients). About200G points out, add green tea powder, used for outer decoration

3. With cream and fruit

4. Precausions. Because the outer layer is also decorated, so it is OK to see the cake.

5. With green tea cream decoration

6. The horse and the alphabet, which are decorated with sugar, are finished.