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hot cook recipe
Chef, what would you like today?
Sauce bones, are cheaper than meat, pure meat to eat it, feel cool enough, with bone gnawing reinforced special flavor, it feels very cool! Come on, open bite bar Chanzui bone paste!
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:1Hours above


How much to eat

Chanzui bones sauce practice steps

1. The first step, want meat delicious not fishy, must soak in cold water in the bloody, half an hour for a water, changing the water to more washed several times. Soak almost2An hour. So, I want to get at least prepared to chew bones.4An hour.
The second step, put the foam good bones into the pot of cold water, add2The wine, after the fire to boil the bones rolled over, until no blood and bones. When you get a bone, be sure not to put the foam on the bone.

2. The third step, the hot pot put a small amount of oil, add rock sugar. Note: to use small cremation sugar fire, rock candy to paste, made out of the bones with a stream of Hu taste!
With a spatula along the direction of a stir slowly, until the sugar of turning red, this place must pay attention to: rock sugar fry time too long Hu also!
Put the bones in the pot and stir fry the color.

3. The fourth step, wash the pot, put a little oil heat after the pot, add a tablespoon of bean paste, put more salt. Will bean paste stir flavor into the onions, ginger, the bones when into the stir fry into Tengku yipinxian soy sauce, not put taste very fresh.
Add cold water, water just over bone In 2.5 star anise, cinnamon, basil2Slice Cover the pot boil, open the froth skim out. For a small fire to continue...... Probably2About an hour or so.
Note that you can not cover the lid directly for two hours regardless of the ah. A time to have a look, and the water in the pan received 3/4 of the time with a spatula to double head.

4. Take juice, out of the pot.
Seasoning according to personal taste, because I use the Tengku yipinxian bean sauce and soy sauce, already very fresh will not put MSG and salt.
All right! Wash your claws and start eating the bones!