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Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10~30Minute


Half a Appropriate amount
Two spoon

The pickled cabbage practice steps

1. Cut the cabbage into thin filaments, and put two tablespoons of salt for a while.

2. The ginger and garlic, chopped garlic, ginger water, it is best to use film, taste.

3. Tune the juice. Two spoonfuls of chili sauce, ginger juice, a spoonful of beef powder, a spoonful of chicken, if there is a fish sauce, can also put some. Mix these materials evenly.

4. Chinese cabbage has some water, pour out. Will adjust the good material to pour into the mixing evenly!

5. Into the box, in the refrigerator for a night, you can eat! Mix some sesame oil and vinegar to taste better when eating!