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Papaya and banana yogurt, milk, so a lot of one taste is quite trouble, but into milkshakes super good drink and drink the super fast, every morning will drink! It is nutritious, Runchang digestion!
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:10Minutes or so


Half a 1Root
1Cup 1Bag

The practice steps of papaya and banana milkshake

1. This is the raw material

2. Papaya peeled diced, diced peeled banana, into the blender

3. Papaya banana into the future, and then into the right amount of yogurt, and finally into the milk

4. Stir20Seconds,duang! Well, especially delicious!


I is the amount of two milkshakes, specifically how much are random, based on the cup size and fruit size look line, not too rigidly stick, only put these materials play out is very good drink!