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Chef, what would you like today?
In fact, I often in winter with bean sprouts, bean sprouts machine, summer dustpan, sieve. Mung bean in the process of germination, vitaminCWill increase a lot, and some of the protein will be decomposed into a variety of amino acids, can reach seven times the original content of green beans, so the nutritional value of mung bean sprouts greater than the green. Their hair out of the bean sprouts, safe and reliable, and the taste is particularly good...(Open)


A bowl 3Bowl/Every day

The practice steps of their hair sprouts

1. To prepare a basin, put half pot of water, so wet, there is water

2. Mung bean can soak for half an hour, but also can be. Crossing the high to avoid leakage of mung bean for the selection of dustpan, the sieve hole can not be, can not be too dense, dense, bean sprouts can also send out is densely packed not beautiful, long sideways vertically long at sixes and sevens ~

3. I will use watering can to moist mung bean. Hair sprouts is not difficult, pay attention to avoid the light, there is not to touch the oil, the container is clean, clean water.

4. No watering can with bowl! Every day is so wet3,4Timeok! To find a piece of dark cloth, to cover the light green beans ~ ~

5. Wait until the third day, full of water, do not need to watering mung bean! Because people have been "self-reliance" by ~

6. Long fat to just third days can actually pick it, sugar is relatively high, very crisp and sweet ~

7. Fourth days is a slender body, slightly low sugar. Fifth days on a little "old", so it is recommended that the length of the finger on the "harvest" ~

8. My brother likes to eat Xin sprouts, minced meat, carrots, garlic mix of ingredients to do

9. Hot oil, stir fry garlic and minced meat ~

10. Put the minced meat stir fried fragrant, put carrots to

11. Stir fry five minutes after the carrot, into the bean sprouts ~

12. With salt, light soy sauce, bean sprouts with water, so stir fry cooked ~

13. Ants on the tree ~

14. Another batch of bean sprouts can be harvested! Follow the above recipe, the basic5Days can eat ~

15. A number of two meals can be eaten, the first pick a long, short of second days to eat a ~


Use bean sprouts bean sprouts is because the winter temperature is lower, the bean sprouts machine has the heating function, and does not need artificial watering, so as to reduce the frequency of bean sprouts, bean sprouts are green. Artificial hair bean sprouts, bean sprouts, the number of times a little more, so much a little bit of a pink, do not affect the consumption of food