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Pear soup is lungs is a good choice, especially join medlar and Tremella hanging out, I this is improved practices, is entirely in order to test the new pot, the time is saved, the taste is not bad, just personal feeling or by a small fire hanging out good, should just personal habits. Save me this way is of course better, without looking at the fire, do not feel the boiled water. Electric...(Open)
Difficulty:Cut pier(The primary) Time:30-60Minute


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The practice steps of old Beijing small hanging pear soup

1. Prepare the food, a big snow pear, ugly one ear. In the early use of the bubble open. Well after the bubble breaking into small pieces.

2. Pear peeled, cut into small pieces.

3. To include all of the ingredients in advance of a good bubble of the ugly ear, added to the electric pressure cooker.

4. Soup of a file selection, about pressure for twenty minutes, before using cast iron pot to pot one to one and a half an hour, the opinion pressure cooker or save time.

5. After the pot is good to extract the pear soup is this way, but also good. Snow pear especially sweet, after pressure can put fresh sweet pears hanging out, no sugar pear soup is also very sweet. If love is more sweet, adding sugar and good will.

6. The thick pear soup is very refreshing.

7. Dabao likes to drink ah, haze days can effectively prevent children cough Runfei, cough, and early treatment.


Dry climate, do not drink a lot of points of the pear soup, nourishing. Join the ugly ear can make soup thick, and more conducive to the lock body of water, usually mothers drink can also play a cosmetic effect ah.